It feels good to acknowledge that what first started as a quest to resolve a personal problem is now a brand that yoga enthusiasts recognize. Our objective is to ensure that  simple and well designed products are available to meditation and yoga enthusiasts all over the world to help them ease into a yogic-way of life.

Seeking stability in a world that is in perpetual flux, where change is the only constant, inner peace feels like that mirage in a desert. We spend our lives striving. 

When one learns to turn life’s turbulence into a dance, bliss becomes the nature of life. 

Yoga is the art and science of bliss. It enables bliss to become a part of our permanent experience through transformation. A transformation that echoes beyond neurogenesis and genetics.  As more of us arrive into this realization, meditation & yoga will inevitably become the bedrock on which a new age of peace and bliss is built. 

At Blissage, we desire to be part of your inner journey.

With each new patron who has used our products and feels assisted in their yogic journey, we feel that much closer to fulfilling our raison d’etre. 

Our logo, dhyana mudra – is a spontaneous gesture the palm assumes during meditation.

You who use our products, possibly unbeknownst to yourself, are a silent torch-bearer of a change that is coming. Know that we honor you deeply.

People look at us as Designers, Engineers, Artists, Businessmen, Planners, Executors, Communicators..

But we like to think of ourselves as urban yogis committed to our passion, playing these roles in a spirit of brotherhood. All of us in our young team practice yoga and meditation.

Each of our products has its own story. They are more than mere outcomes of diligent rigorous product design and engineering. They are a part of us. When you use a product and like it, we are fulfilled.