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The portable seats were designed with a focus on compactness. They can be folded up compactly and are light weight. You can check the product weights here and evaluate the right one for you. Users often appreciate how convenient it is for them to take it on a flight, a bike trip or a walk.

For most of us, it is difficult to sit on the floor with good posture for the entire period of meditation without being distracted by our hurting back and numb legs. Meditation seats are of great help in this regard. Having a good meditation chairinstantaneously provides the much needed physical comfort that helps you let go of body consciousness. This enables you to focus on meditation and lets you be able to plunge into the practice much sooner, experiencing this vast science.

Also, the need to practice in the same space and in the same posture has been emphasized by every authentic instructor of Yoga through the ages. The charged space we create each moment, each day with our meditation is available to us when we sit again in the same space.

QUIET FIESTAis designed to support a spinal postureappropriate for meditation and help you relax at the same time. Being light and compact, it is easy to carry your charged space when and where you want.

There is a myth among a few of today’s yoga enthusiasts that meditation should be practiced on bare ground without a seat or other aids. This is not the view of yogic authority. Such a view only makes sense if the objective of the practice is purely physical. The most basic objective of meditation is to transcend the physical.

The great sage Patanjali, the authority on Raja yoga (the aspect of yoga that deals with meditation) recommends only this about posture:

A posture is that, which is stable and comfortable.

Very special references to meditation seats are made throughout the ancient history of India. Valmiki Ramayan repeatedly mentions the use of meditation seats by Lord Ram.Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita specifically recommends the use of a special seat for meditation. The Indus seals depict the use of a meditation seat.Gandhijiis also said to have used a meditation chair.

Since the ages, a meditation seat has always been an integral part of the practice of meditation.

Swami Vivekananda one of the most authoritative source on Yoga suggests a posture for meditation:

“…One thing necessary for posture is to hold thespinal column free, sitting erect, holding the threeparts – the chest, the neck and the head – in astraight line…”

(Raja Yoga Sutras, )


The most preferred and recommended posture is to sit cross legged on the floor with an erect spine (sukhasana, siddhasan, padmasan).

This enables free flow of energy through the right channels of the nervous system along your head, neck, spine and your lower body, supporting and enhancing your meditation.

blissage’sunique designs integrateseat and back ergonomics ensuring that you are able to keep an upright posture for a long time and still be relaxed and absorbed in meditation.

A good posture naturally keeps body parts like the head, neck and torso in a natural equilibrium (required for stability). It enables the neurological energy to flow in the right channels.

An improper posture, hinders the flow of neurological energy slowing down the progress of your meditation practice. Further the imbalanced load distribution of the body concentrates critical loads on certainparts (joints) of the body. This can take a toll,and over a period of time one experiences issues.

Here are some common postures we have seen people use when they meditate.

Crouching forward:

Imbalanced load on neck and lower back putting an unhealthy strain on the muscles & joints

Leaning back:

Puts excess load on lower back and the neck stabilizers. The lower back would be trying to sustain an imbalanced and eccentric load of the upper body. 

Good Posture:

Keeps the back upright & perpendicular to the ground and the weight of the body sustained in the way it was meant to be.

(Best sustained in purna-padmasan)

Blissage meditation seats are designed to support a great cross legged posture – upright, relaxed and comfortable.