The space for meditation is truly special.

It can have a tectonic impact on the quality of your meditation practice. It did for me. Here are a few
things to consider when creating your own meditation space..

Select a small corner of a room you like (for e.g. living room/bedroom/back Porsche/patio but not
bathroom or kitchen or close to a shoe rack etc. Avoid using your bed if possible).

Place your meditation chair/seat here. A pillow or a cushion would also work. Consider including some
plants in this vicinity (Combination of Holy Basil and Marjoram is a fantastic choice for meditation rooms
– they store up the vibratory charge and also have a sanctifying function on it). In your mind, mark an
area around that place where you intend to sit for meditation. Make a vow to yourself that the only
reason you would enter this space is when you wish to meditate or do something related to it, and for
nothing else.

Not even reading a book!

This is your own space for meditation. But wait, it hasn’t become a meditation space yet. It needs to be

Align your meditation time with your body’s circadian rhythm. The best time would be sometime
between 4 am & 6 am everyday. If this is not possible, choose a time convenient to you, (before food).
Commit to this time as an appointment with the most important person.

Meditate at exactly the same time everyday in this space in the same posture (the one you are
comfortable in).

It helps to have authentic guidance. ‘Heart in tune’ is a great free mobile app that provides authentic,
advanced guidance with good resources for a meditator.

After sometime, maybe a few months, you will feel a distinct and holy vibe as soon as you enter this

Now, this has truly become a meditation space.